Monday, February 18, 2008


Hello Folks,

I'm getting serious about getting my Lovolution Village Podcast going. Today I've spent hours researching how to do it. I think I have all the necessary equipment, but the technological stuff is still bugging me. So this post is a test. Can you download this podcast?. It still have to figure out the RSS stuff.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Dear Richard Ruelas,

Why didn’t you ask me how easy it was to run for President before you printed that article entitled, Arizona makes it easy to run for president; just ask Doctress Neutopia?” I would have told you that my official name will be on the ballot, Libby Hubbard, not by pen name, Doctress Neutopia. So, you misinformed the public about my name on the ballot.

I would have told you that it is easy to run for president, but nearly impossible to be interviewed by the press. It is easy to get your name on the ballot, but extremely difficult to get your serious message to the public. I am not a joke candidate. My platform is simple. We need to stop building highways and urban sprawl, and start to build a model solar-powered arcology, a car-free environmentally sound city on Arizona State Trust Land.


Libby Hubbard, EdD
Aka Doctress Neutopia

Monday, January 14, 2008

Dear Global Media,

I’m part of the Tucson Weekly’s Project White House which means that I am a candidate for the President of the United States. My name, Libby Hubbard, will be on the AZ ballot on Feb. 5th. Part of my campaign is to free political prisoners such as Fr. Steve Kelly and Fr. Louis Vitale who are in jail for protesting torture. On Access Tucson this week, I will be talking about how we must redefine justice, showing clips of interviews with Louis and Steve, and how, once president, I will free political prisoners who have gone to jail for acts of civil disobedience. To watch the program on Access Tucson Cable Channel:

Tuesday: 4:30-5:00 pm Ch.74/99

Fridays: 10:30-11:00 pm Ch. 72/120

Our watch online during the above times:

To find out more about Project White House:

Please pass this campaign message along!

Unity for America: The Arcology Party

By Presidential Candidate Doctress Neutopia aka Libby Hubbard

The Neutopian platform is a revolution against the status quo, demanding a deep regime change. Its purpose is to unblock the energy of the body politic so that we find the political will to free ourselves from car and oil dependency by building car-free, ecological sound cities or arcologies. We propose that the first arcology be build for one million people on Arizona State Trust Land, by and for the people.

We are living through a transitional period where we are moving from the post-modern, dysfunctional, car-clogged, fossil fuel addicted cities, to constructing a network of solar-powered arcologies to house the human population in a sustainable way. The Neutopia platform is nothing less than a world-wide, non-violent mass movement of trickle up democracy–a Lovolution-moving us into a 21st century lifestyle that meets all our physical, emotional, and imaginative needs. The Neutopian flag is the Earth Flag.

The Great American Seal as seen on the dollar bill has also been improved. In the eagle’s talons, she has dropped the arrows, and now holds two olive branches symbolizing our complete dedication to achieving world peace through being the leaders in nuclear disarmament.

The images on the paper currency have been adjusted to reflect the new regime. Until an “Earth Bank” which accounts for our natural capital is set up to include for all the global resources, printed money will depict scenes from national parks to instill in us the importance of our common wealth.

No longer exploiting foreign lands and labor for our resource consumption, our focus turns from the accumulation of material things to the fulfillment of creative desires and protecting our wilderness. We move to a state of mind that is caring and sharing, living within our means.

Key Points to Our Gaia Regime Change:

Conversion of military budget into public work programs designed to build the network of arcologies and a world-wide energy grid. Military forces are redeployed from “occupiers to builders.” The first military task is to decommission nuclear weapons and energy plants as well as to clean up the depleted uranium and toxic tailings throughout the world.

Conversion of 20th Century pollution producing industrials to cradle-to-cradle, renewable, recycling 21st Century industries designed to clean up the planet and keep it clean.

Transitioning to a green economy focused on new inventions, materials, and building techniques needed to build arcologies founded with renewable energy technologies. New housing development projects under the old “global shopping mall” regime are immediately halted. Temporary geodesic dome cities are constructed to house all displaced people until arcologies are completed. Until arcologies are constructed, private automobile transportation is replace by solar-powered buses.

Local to Global Youth Corps offers youth a one-year overseas or domestic adventure tour for learning about a foreign culture and serving them with their needs. An additional goal of the youth corps is an anthological search for the best cultural practices (culture sculpture) for inclusion into the social architecture of the arcological design.

Preventative health care programs. Free memberships to neighborhood health, craft, and cultural centers. Arts, crafts, music are seen as part of maintaining mental health. Centers prepare for celebrations and rituals during stellar events such as the summer solstice and the winter equinox, solar and moon eclipses. Community centers also function as organic food distribution centers offering free vegan lunches at cyber cafes. Renewing our health renews our energy. There will also be free recycling stores and creative child-care centers within the community complex.

Permaculture and organic farming practices are encouraged as corporate farming is phased out. We lower our meat conception as we move to a plant-based diet.

Lovolutionizing Education. The mission of higher education is to provide the Gaia regime with the intellectual skills, talent and genius needed to build and maintain arcology. The mission of elementary education is to prepare children and students with democratic, conflict resolution skills needed to live within an arcology. Universities become the hub of the regime change. At the center of the “Wheel of Cocreation or the “Medicine Wheel,” visionary futurists jobs are to administer the Neutopia program.

Reparations to the spirit of Native America Indians. The Genocide Convention declared that “any individual, agencies, or states that commit genocide must be held accountable.” The United States government is guilty of crimes against humanity. It stole land from the Indians, making treaties that were never kept. For the crimes against the Native American, all lands within the United States are now public lands. Land deeds are no longer valued. We move from an owner-based society, into a user-based society, with computer based-technology and compassionately balanced international teams supervising the fairest allocation of all earthly resources.
For more information: 520 792-1363

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Earth Tribe

I’m a white woman
with an indigenous core.
My mind is the wind
and my heart is the world.
The slaughter of the buffalo
and the stealing of the Native land surges
through my blood in lightening bolts of pain.
I’m living in a country of the criminally insane.

On stolen land white man’s cities
were built by Indian and African slaves.
The massacres of the past will not go away.
How many layers of real estate deals come and go,
land deeds past down generation after generation
as the quality of the soil becomes barren and blows?

Might rivers run dry, ancient lakes dry up
as water is pump into white man’s cities
of out-of-control suburban growth.

I’m a white woman with an indigenous
mind searching for the sacred land
to build an arcology of true love.
Earth tribe,
you are my heart and soul.
We can’t construct an ecological city
without realizing our sacred air, water,
and land can’t be bought and sold.

White women settlers struggled
70 years to get the vote,
own property, and go to college
to achieve advanced degrees.
But what did they achieve when the white man’s ways
of empire building conquers everyone and everything
that gets in its way with its genocidal land-grabbing disease?

Sacred feminist mind, rescue the world
from the power of greedy murders
whose militaries control nuclear bombs!

We can remember the sacred ways
when land, water, and air is clean,
a time when no one except the wind
owns the Earth and everyone is free.
We can remember we are
all members of the Earth Tribe,
remembering that the way of justice and love
is the only rule of law we need to stay alive.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Beam Us To Your Starship

Crop Circle makers,
there are members of the human species
who do good work and are doing everything
in their power to save the dying world.
But we need help recognizing one another
for we are lost from each other
in the traffic jams of urban sprawl.
We have lost common lands that
allowed our public selves to manifest.
These elevated spirits need help
which is why I am asking you
to beam us up to your starship for
a miraculous meeting of aware ones.

Our ascension into heaven
would be to focus our attention
on a global strategy on how
to build a network of arcologies
on Earth and in Outer Space.
Once we recognize each other,
a global community of universal love can
be formed as we realize the roles we play in
building a solar-powered Neutopian world.

Crop circle makers,
if you are an ethical species, then it is
your moral duty to assist in our evolution.
Beam us up for this critical meeting
before the ocean turns to acid and before
there is no more oxygen for us to breath.
We are like the passengers of the Titanic
in the cold waters watching the ship sink.
What joy is there for you in watching us drown?

You might fear that once we are up
in the warm security of your starship,
we will not want to go back to Earth.
But I assure you, we thinkers and doers
have taken the Bodhisattva vow.
Our mission is to end the world's suffering
by restoring a sacred architectural design.
We can not abandoned the wonderful species
of the five biological kingdoms on Earth.
The planet is a precious orb of the life force
worthy of being cared for and preserved.

If you don't have the technology
to physically beam us up,
but you do have the psychic ability to
implant a hologram of ecological design
into everyone's hearts and minds,
then I plea with you, do it now!
Implant arcology and give us the means
to activate the computer technology
so that the global brain has eternal life!

Its time that you do more than give us
beautiful multidimensional crop circles.
We have decoded them as blueprints
of sacred temples of divine love.

We need your aid to move us to peaceful
coexistence with Spaceship Earth,
the vessel required for us to travel
deeper into the wilderness of the human heart.
We need guidance to learn to steer Gaia
towards mysterious adventures and dazzling art
to a place where we are the crop circles makers
delivering the lost esoteric knowledge
of sacred geometry to an evolving world.

The Darkness of Delight

where have you gone?
On this winter solstice
I long for the light
within me to shine on.

Where are the children that delight
my heart and makes me young?
Where are my sisters who makes
the ritual circles using chants,
dance, crystals, and song?
Where are the wise elders who
help me see a brighter day?

Void of meaning, the cold wind
seeps into my bones and throbs.
The thought of death catches
on to my breath as the
commercial madness before
Christmas makes my heart sob.

Where is my beloved community
and the women of my coven who
delight in the powers of Gaia?
Alone in the asphalt desert
the stars no longer shine.
Light comes out of darkness.
As the Earth turns towards the Sun,
may I be born again in love.

Winter Solstice 2007

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Blueprint of Paradise

I have seen the blueprint of paradise
and there is no urban sprawl.
The blueprint of paradise is car-free
and no one uses fossil fuel.
The blueprint of paradise is
designed with solar energy integrated
into the arcologies of universal love.

When you turn on the global computer,
the blueprint of paradise maps out
the sacred geometry of the arcology
surrounded by organic farms.
There are forests of fruit and nut trees
that helps make the air fresh and clean.

It's up to you to find your role
within the blueprint of paradise.
Wandering into laboratories and studios,
craft centers and recording halls,
it's a mystical, enchanting path within
the world wide web of the holy call.

The blueprint of paradise becomes real
as the pattern within us dances and sings
in unison with the rhythm of all creation.
Different beats for different cultures
building the sacred architecture,
different ecosystems and different climates
makes the creation story of arcology
into a happy family of humanity.

No more nuclear weapons,
No more border fences,
No more wars over land and gold,
No more classism of rich and poor.
In the network of sacred arcologies,
the global heart beats of love pulsate
throughout the expanding universe.