Saturday, January 05, 2008

Earth Tribe

I’m a white woman
with an indigenous core.
My mind is the wind
and my heart is the world.
The slaughter of the buffalo
and the stealing of the Native land surges
through my blood in lightening bolts of pain.
I’m living in a country of the criminally insane.

On stolen land white man’s cities
were built by Indian and African slaves.
The massacres of the past will not go away.
How many layers of real estate deals come and go,
land deeds past down generation after generation
as the quality of the soil becomes barren and blows?

Might rivers run dry, ancient lakes dry up
as water is pump into white man’s cities
of out-of-control suburban growth.

I’m a white woman with an indigenous
mind searching for the sacred land
to build an arcology of true love.
Earth tribe,
you are my heart and soul.
We can’t construct an ecological city
without realizing our sacred air, water,
and land can’t be bought and sold.

White women settlers struggled
70 years to get the vote,
own property, and go to college
to achieve advanced degrees.
But what did they achieve when the white man’s ways
of empire building conquers everyone and everything
that gets in its way with its genocidal land-grabbing disease?

Sacred feminist mind, rescue the world
from the power of greedy murders
whose militaries control nuclear bombs!

We can remember the sacred ways
when land, water, and air is clean,
a time when no one except the wind
owns the Earth and everyone is free.
We can remember we are
all members of the Earth Tribe,
remembering that the way of justice and love
is the only rule of law we need to stay alive.

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harley said...

gender blame is no answer...just a passive cradle of the senses...I prefer new age music without the pre-existing labels of the pop freudian aka worldly terminologies of any kind.. our liberal or conservative idealogies on gender or race have nothing whatsoever to do with being in the the womb of the ocean...this is a misconstrued value propagated by liberals and conservatives alike..we have all come through the birth cannal inheritantly heirs to a magnificent life beyond gender Gary Alan Brumley