Monday, December 24, 2007

Beam Us To Your Starship

Crop Circle makers,
there are members of the human species
who do good work and are doing everything
in their power to save the dying world.
But we need help recognizing one another
for we are lost from each other
in the traffic jams of urban sprawl.
We have lost common lands that
allowed our public selves to manifest.
These elevated spirits need help
which is why I am asking you
to beam us up to your starship for
a miraculous meeting of aware ones.

Our ascension into heaven
would be to focus our attention
on a global strategy on how
to build a network of arcologies
on Earth and in Outer Space.
Once we recognize each other,
a global community of universal love can
be formed as we realize the roles we play in
building a solar-powered Neutopian world.

Crop circle makers,
if you are an ethical species, then it is
your moral duty to assist in our evolution.
Beam us up for this critical meeting
before the ocean turns to acid and before
there is no more oxygen for us to breath.
We are like the passengers of the Titanic
in the cold waters watching the ship sink.
What joy is there for you in watching us drown?

You might fear that once we are up
in the warm security of your starship,
we will not want to go back to Earth.
But I assure you, we thinkers and doers
have taken the Bodhisattva vow.
Our mission is to end the world's suffering
by restoring a sacred architectural design.
We can not abandoned the wonderful species
of the five biological kingdoms on Earth.
The planet is a precious orb of the life force
worthy of being cared for and preserved.

If you don't have the technology
to physically beam us up,
but you do have the psychic ability to
implant a hologram of ecological design
into everyone's hearts and minds,
then I plea with you, do it now!
Implant arcology and give us the means
to activate the computer technology
so that the global brain has eternal life!

Its time that you do more than give us
beautiful multidimensional crop circles.
We have decoded them as blueprints
of sacred temples of divine love.

We need your aid to move us to peaceful
coexistence with Spaceship Earth,
the vessel required for us to travel
deeper into the wilderness of the human heart.
We need guidance to learn to steer Gaia
towards mysterious adventures and dazzling art
to a place where we are the crop circles makers
delivering the lost esoteric knowledge
of sacred geometry to an evolving world.

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