Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Dear Richard Ruelas,

Why didn’t you ask me how easy it was to run for President before you printed that article entitled, Arizona makes it easy to run for president; just ask Doctress Neutopia?” I would have told you that my official name will be on the ballot, Libby Hubbard, not by pen name, Doctress Neutopia. So, you misinformed the public about my name on the ballot.

I would have told you that it is easy to run for president, but nearly impossible to be interviewed by the press. It is easy to get your name on the ballot, but extremely difficult to get your serious message to the public. I am not a joke candidate. My platform is simple. We need to stop building highways and urban sprawl, and start to build a model solar-powered arcology, a car-free environmentally sound city on Arizona State Trust Land.


Libby Hubbard, EdD
Aka Doctress Neutopia

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