Thursday, December 20, 2007

Blueprint of Paradise

I have seen the blueprint of paradise
and there is no urban sprawl.
The blueprint of paradise is car-free
and no one uses fossil fuel.
The blueprint of paradise is
designed with solar energy integrated
into the arcologies of universal love.

When you turn on the global computer,
the blueprint of paradise maps out
the sacred geometry of the arcology
surrounded by organic farms.
There are forests of fruit and nut trees
that helps make the air fresh and clean.

It's up to you to find your role
within the blueprint of paradise.
Wandering into laboratories and studios,
craft centers and recording halls,
it's a mystical, enchanting path within
the world wide web of the holy call.

The blueprint of paradise becomes real
as the pattern within us dances and sings
in unison with the rhythm of all creation.
Different beats for different cultures
building the sacred architecture,
different ecosystems and different climates
makes the creation story of arcology
into a happy family of humanity.

No more nuclear weapons,
No more border fences,
No more wars over land and gold,
No more classism of rich and poor.
In the network of sacred arcologies,
the global heart beats of love pulsate
throughout the expanding universe.


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